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Webster Worldwide

A Global American University

Webster University's network of extended international campuses spans across the globe; welcoming students to diverse university communities in incredible locations in four continents. What is constant, worldwide, is the Webster University commitment to high-quality education to create the global citizens of the future. 

 Webster Worldwide 

Webster University prides itself on delivering excellent undergraduate and graduate programs, where students can experience student life at a residential campus or close to campus facilities. Webster students graduate from bachelor's degree courses and master's programs ready to integrate into international careers, bringing with them a global perspective.

Webster University promises modern student facilities, as well as a close and supportive community of students and faculty members. The focus is on academic learning, as well as developing the minds, personalities and individuality of each and every student, with great study-life balance and a great many activities both on campus and off.

Learning about a subject, about life and absorbing the culture of a new place gives students greater experience in becoming a well-rounded person. It also teaches them about the world and the people in it, as well as complex issues facing societies across the planet.

Webster Worldwide gives students the opportunity to spend a semester or a year at a completely different Webster University campus. Because the courses are uniform and there is a comprehensive credit system, the ability to travel within each study program is well-established and smoothly run; giving students the best of all worlds at one of the most important times of growth in their lives. 


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