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BS Business Administration

Students with interest in finance, global trade, capital markets, and economic growth are top performers as Business Administration majors or Business minors.

Webster business students are exposed to the areas of accounting, economics, finance, management, international business, and information systems. The program also includes courses with advanced topics that are important to business such as money and banking, and advanced managerial and cost accounting. Business majors and minors also study investments, develop techniques such as investing in securities and commodities and analyze investment opportunities.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science (BS)* in Business Administration covers the breadth of business-related disciplines as defined in the business core curriculum. The major does not provide a specific specialization but rather exposes the student to various business functions. This major is ideally suited to the new or transfer upper-division business student or for the student interested in concurrently pursuing another area of study.

ACBSP The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Learning Outcomes

    • Students use information, analytical tools, and problem-solving skills to make well-reasoned business decisions, considering both quantitative and qualitative factors such as ethical considerations.
    • Students can develop strategies addressing the legal, ethical, economic, and global environment in which the enterprise operates.
    • Students will have working knowledge in a set of analytical business tools related to math, statistics, accounting, economics, marketing, finance, and behavioral science.
    • Students can apply business core concepts, principles, and analytical skills across functional lines.
    • Students can access, develop, and use the information to analyze business problems and propose feasible solutions.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 120 credit hours consisting of the following:

    • 45 required credit hours
    • 9 upper-level School of Business & Technology credit hours
    • Applicable University Global Citizenship Program hours
    • Electives

Course Catalog (PDF versions)