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Individualized student-focused learning is the cornerstone that defines a Webster University Thailand education; an approach that is adopted throughout 80 undergraduate courses in 100 locations worldwide as part of the wider Webster University network.

As a Webster University Thailand student, you benefit from the guidance and support of a dedicated Academic Advisor, creating a personalized study plan that takes you successfully through every step of your course.

Flexibility is key to providing courses that adapt to student needs. Undergraduates can fit studies into their lives more easily with options to learn in the evenings or outside of the classroom, including online study.

Part of our personalized learning approach is to create interactive classroom environments with student-tutor ratios that facilitate individual attention. Students are able to integrate course content with their own personal understanding, ideas, and experiences to individually shape their own learning curve; nurturing the art of academic thought, debate, and discovery.

Our Transitions Program introduces students to university learning. This support from tutors and resource mentors helps students really pinpoint how to achieve academic success through skill-building, greater planning, and practical organization.

Learning is about promoting intellectual inquiry alongside real-world situations, with a wide range of courses available: single subject Majors and Minors; Certificate Programs; and Pre-Professional/Vocational Training.

Our Writing Center offers students ongoing writing and presentation skills to support academic courses. For non-native English speakers, the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program backs up student learning and advances language skills as studies progress.

Student life at the Webster University Thailand campuses in Bangkok and in Hua Hin also enhances the independent and personalized study experience. With a diverse student body, fantastic on-site facilities, and great variety of activities, Webster University Thailand students feel at home and enjoy genuine independence in a safe and comfortable environment, which encourages personal development. The dynamic ambience includes space for students to concentrate and focus, and the Webster University Thailand community is a catalyst for students finding and expressing their own sense of self.