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Computer Science


18 Credit Hours

This program is offered by the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology/Mathematics and Computer Science Department.

For information on the general requirements for a minor, see Minor under the Academic Policies and Information section of this catalog.

A minor in computer science is defined as 18 credit hours of courses from the computer science COSC course listings taken at Webster University.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to solve problems related to the program content.
  • Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of major concepts and principles of computer systems.
  • Students will be able to design and build a simple computer program using techniques and models from the computer science program.
  • Students will be able to document a computer program.

Required Courses

COSC courses (18 hours)

Requirements for Minors

  • Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in specified coursework in residence at Webster University.
  • Transfer credits may not be applied to a minor.
  • Students must earn a grade of C- or better in courses applied to the minor. Some departments may establish a higher cumulative grade requirement for specific minors.
  • Students may earn a maximum of two minors.
  • Courses fulfilling the requirements for a minor may not be applied to the requirements for the student's major or another minor.

A minor cannot be earned as a stand-alone credential but is earned simultaneously with a bachelor's degree. A minor appears on the student's transcript.