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Global Citizenship Program

More than just creating the graduates of tomorrow; Webster University Thailand prepares students to be world-ready. Through our focused Global Citizenship Program, Webster University Thailand produces graduates who are ready to meet the challenges that exist in the wider world and make the most out of the opportunities that an increasingly globalized society presents.

As a Webster Thailand graduate and a Global Citizen, you will be equipped with the skills and understanding to thrive in a dynamic, diverse, and fast evolving career landscape; to think, communicate, and excel at a local and global level by understanding and interacting with the world around you.

Webster Thailand’s Global Citizenship Program ensures that students succeed academically, as well as being ready to fully integrate with the demands of greater global interconnectivity on a personal and professional level.

Students are taught how to understand and appreciate:

  • Different cultures and heritages
  • The physical and natural world
  • Quantitative literacy; solving problems in real-world situations
  • Social environments and human behavior
  • The Arts
  • Global perspectives

Founded in 1915, Webster University is a global network of campuses spanning four continents and nine countries, including Thailand. Our students learn locally and think globally.

Webster University Thailand balances academic learning with applicable skills to develop greater experience in critical thinking and effective communication; creating responsible Global Citizens of the future.