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Academic Success

Students succeed academically at Webster University Thailand through a combination of diligence, hard work and the interactive and inspirational learning environments created by dedicated faculty members with real-world knowledge and experience.

Class sizes are limited to ensure individual attention, with a focus on teaching excellence. Webster classes come ‘alive’ with clear academic goals, structured curricula, and in-depth lesson support.

Tutors bring industry-relevant experience to augment the academic experience and give real-life context to learning. Drawn from a range of disciplines, backgrounds, and cultures, the Webster University Thailand faculty is a diverse community that inspires intellectual communication and the exchange of academic ideas to promote academic ambition and success.

The Webster University Thailand faculty integrates tutor research into course content, as well as into teaching methods, to facilitate greater academic achievements among our students. Tutors act as mentors, working closely with many students on their theses and individual projects.

At the core of Webster University Thailand’s mission is academic excellence through learning that challenges your thinking, expands your horizons, and prepares you for the world after graduation. The Webster University Thailand environment focuses on unlocking your individual potential on your own unique road to academic success.