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Research at Webster University Thailand

Faculty at Webster University Thailand are committed to making contributions to knowledge. Webster University Thailand is also committed to supporting scholars in their research ambitions. Our institution, therefore, has demonstrated this commitment through the funding of research projects by faculty members.

In accordance with our Research Policy Guidelines:

1.1. Webster University Thailand (WUT) aims to support research activities among faculty   and students.

1.2. WUT supports its faculty members conducting research projects and encourages them to publish their findings to the general public, classrooms, students, and colleagues at national and/or international levels.

1.3. Research should show innovative accomplishments and creativity which lead to creating new knowledge or enhancing existing knowledge.

1.4. Creative works could be considered as a research when they are academically accomplished (Research Policy Guidelines 2018, p3)

The governance and administration of research activities at Webster University Thailand has been delegated by the Campus Director and the University Council to the Research Committee (RComm) since 2012.

The terms of reference of the Research Committee are as follows:

a) Develop a research funding plan for faculty

b) Evaluate research proposals and allocate funds to projects considered worthy

c) Grant and revoke research funds

d) Exercise oversight of research at WUT

e) Take all necessary steps to ensure the successful completion of funded research projects

f) Establish committees from time to time and to approve their terms of reference and composition, to receive and consider reports and recommendations from such committees and to give direction to them

g) Report to the WUT Executive Committee

h) Exercise quality improvement of the WUT research policy in consultation with stakeholders.

i) Seek external funding for research at WUT

j) Seek external consultation when needed.

k) Select MA theses to promote on WUT website.