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International Relations (MA)

The Master of Arts in International Relations from Webster University Thailand is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding and critical awareness of global issues and relevant international relations challenges, all within the context of a changing world culture.


In-depth learning, real-life experience, and critical analysis are all part of the dynamic, up-to-date course structure and curriculum. Students explore the latest international relations theories through case studies and specialized projects. Tutors with expertise in a range of individual fields, guest lecturers, and trips to international organizations allow you to delve into complex real-world issues whilst discovering different perspectives.

Webster University Thailand International Relations MA

Meanwhile, the international makeup of the faculty and student body culture inspires healthy debate, encourages appreciation and tolerance of diversity, and enhances diplomacy and communication. Students are also involved with helping to organize high-profile conferences focused on international relations.

The MA International Relations at Webster University Thailand focuses on Foreign Policy, International Law, and Humanitarian Affairs, incorporating study in areas such as migration and refugee issues. Coursework covers Economic Development and World Politics, as well as Humanitarian Action, analyzing the complexities of globalization.

Well-equipped to successfully enter business, education, and public affairs, graduates of this program are career-ready for roles in government agencies, NGOs, INGOs, MNCs and intergovernmental organizations. 

Recent events:

Webster Thailand's International Relations Department Gathers Experts in Regional Security, Migration

The conference video features commentaries from Margaret K. McMillion, former United States Ambassador to Rwanda, and Lindsay Kingston, associate professor at Webster University and director of its Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies. Click here for the link to the full story.

Meet the alumni:


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