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A Global American University in Thailand

Webster University Thailand is one of the international campuses of Webster University Worldwide, which is the only Tier 1, private, non-profit, U.S. university with campuses in seven countries around the world. Over its 100+ year history, Webster University Worldwide has grown to become a leading light in higher education, ranked by USA News & World Report as one of the top universities in the US for its international campus programs. As part of Webster University Worldwide, Webster University Thailand draws upon a broad spectrum of academic and cultural resources, providing student the chance to develop as a student and as a citizen.

Webster University Thailand prides itself on 

Academic Excellence

academic excellence

With a highly talented faculty, innovative teaching methods, and a commitment to excellence, Webster University Thailand provides an educational experience that challenges students to grow as thinkers and develop the talents needed for the 21st century.  Students are challenged to think critically, write purposefully, and present their ideas effectively, regardless of their course of study.  This gives them the flexibility and adaptability necessary for a rapidly changing world.

Global Perspective

Students from more than 60 countries study at Webster University Thailand each year, creating a culturally diverse, dynamic environment.  Practical, real-world learning with worldwide perspectives opens up students’ minds to new ways of thinking and promises wider opportunities, preparing students to work in an international environment. The University’s mission is to make students global citizens.  This global perspective encourages students to value personal responsibility and an understanding of how their actions impact the world in which we all live.   

Personalized Approach

At Webster University Thailand, we create a welcoming and supportive environment for learning and living. Classes are small, with usually less than 20 students, and highly interactive, with a strong emphasis on collaboration and the development of self-expression to shape individual talents.  Small classes allow students the chance to interact with faculty on a personal level.  No one gets lost in a large lecture hall.  Academic efforts are complemented by multiple student activities, including clubs, special events, and community-building experiences.  A Webster education is all about you.